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E-Learning Management Software

Technology has created a huge impact not only to increase the comfort level of human beings but in the way we conduct our daily works — education is one such area which has got a boost enormously. Take the example of Learning Management Systems (LMSs). It gives the instructors a platform where they can replicate a classroom like environment for the students.

Using LMS, educators can now manage course works online including lesson content, assignments, and assessments. It helps institutions to streamline the conduct of online learning allowing for a more comprehensive and accessible study experience for students. Instructors can now share and upload multimedia files, can distribute assignments to students at just one click. What’s interesting is that quizzes and tests can also be made quite easily with the aid of an LMS. TechnoSapphire can help you construct that easy-to-use online platform for your students and instructors.

Benefits of E-Learning Software

TechnoSapphire Institute Management

Embrace digitization and Upgrade you coaching institutes. From teaching to management, go fully digital.

Popular features
  • Conduct classes online
  • Dedicated management app
  • Enquiry Management
  • Automated fee collection & reminder

TechnoSapphire Assessment Platform

Conduct hundreds and thousands of exams online with just one click. Auto check and report generation to complete the exam processes.

Popular features
  • Set tests in a few clicks
  • Computerized evaluation
  • Biometric Attendance
  • Insightful performance reports
  • Detailed modules for every department

Detailed Modules For Every Department

Online Coaching Portal

Teach online, share documents and provide personalized feedback to your students.

Online Exam Assessment

Conduct online, customized tests backed with automated evaluation and reports.

Fees & Inquiry Management

Easily manage inquiries and leads, and set pending fee reminders in advance.

Parent Communication Module

Send custom SMS about student’s important information or upcoming events and more.

Digital Attendance Tracking

Keep student’s parents updated with the help of biometric attendance and monthly reports.

Virtual Classroom

Easily integrate custom-rich interactivity and fun features that make it rewarding for instructors.

Features Incorporated Online Class Management System

E-learning management platforms designed for K-12 or higher education typically include features specific to educational environments, such as grading functionality and individualized feedback on student assignments. Such LMSs work in sync with other education software, such as student information systems (SIS), to streamline student data management.

  • Course Creation
  • Skills/Certification Tracking
  • Mobile Learning
  • Asynchronous Learning
  • Gamification
  • Video Conferencing
  • Social Learning/Message Boards
  • Scheduling Follow-up Calls
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Teach and Engage Your Students in Real-time
  • Help Your Students Assess Their Learning
  • Data Import and Export

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