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Healthcare IT consulting and technology solutions to improve
the patient care from hospital to home.

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We engage clinical consideration relationship to grow clinical benefits by giving a sensible environment to achieve convenient prosperity (mHealth) goals, making some clinical consideration organizations accessible wherever and at whatever point

The clinical consideration industry is creating and ending up being better every going through the day. New structures and advances are being made every day to remain mindful of the enormous interest in prescription and drugs.
Buyer pressure is driving us towards an inconvenient advancement-enabled change in clinical consideration today.
Using the power of the latest advances like blockchain, the trap of things (IoT), man-made cognizance (AI), and expanded reality(AR) our mechanized clinical benefits game plans help clinical benefits providers understand particular buyer tendencies and give the modified brain and smooth out their clinical benefits data the heads and operational cycles.

Our Healthcare Expertise & Solutions

Building a safe and easy to understand medical care framework for an interconnected medical services climate, from the administrative center to the doctor's office.

EMR and EHR Solutions

Outfitting absolute EMR and EHR solutions with front-line features like clinical booking, wearables, diagramming, e-suggesting, telemedicine decisions, patient sections, mHealth applications handwriting and voice affirmation, and some more.

  • Streamlined interoperability
  • Advanced decision support
  • Smarter care coordination
  • Enhanced communication
  • Interactive patient portals
  • Population health management

mHealth Software Solutions

Give medical care administrations in the palm of your clients. It gives different advantages to clients like freedom for patients, mechanical development, better quiet inclusion, and upgraded dynamic.

  • Mobility for Personnel
  • Advanced decision support
  • Smarter care coordination
  • Enhanced communication
  • Interactive patient portals
  • Population health management

Telemedicine Software Solutions

We are rehashing medical services for the associated age with our telemedicine programming. Our product helps in conveying the correct consideration, at the opportune time. Presently improve care by means of smoothed out correspondence.

  • Real-Time Interactive Solutions
  • Store-and-Forward Solutions
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions
  • VR-Based Telemedicine
  • AR-Based Telemedicine
  • Fast Media Exchange Solutions

Clinical & health management

We give medical services programming advancement arrangements that can help keep up understanding data, smooth out clinical work processes, distantly track the advancement of patients and convey customized clinical consideration.

  • Location tracking (patients, staff, equipment)
  • Clinical content management
  • Laboratory management
  • Health monitoring and diagnosis
  • Blood operations management
  • E-prescribing & Patient identification

Healthcare Business Intelligence

Influence custom BI to empower better wellbeing results and upgrade patient fulfillment. Our business insight programming assists with improving the patient consideration venture, drive clinical dynamic, and drive down operational expenses.

  • Data discovery, warehousing and ETL
  • OLAP and data visualization
  • Reporting and interactive dashboards
  • Mobile BI optimization
  • Intelligent clinical workflow automation
  • Seamless, across-the-board integrations

Precise Healthcare analytics

We make arrangements that utilize man-made consciousness, OLAP examination, and information mining calculations to investigate a huge measure of clinical information, and foresee results for singular patients and backing clinical dynamaic.

  • Data segmentation & clustering
  • Performance reports & cost analysis
  • Pattern recognition & anomaly detection
  • Financial management
  • Accurate diagnosis based on data
  • Self-service symptom calculators


We'll check whether your thing is HIPAA The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act sets the standard for sensitive data security. We're set up to guide and help you through it.


Electronic Health Records license support between clinical consideration providers and affiliations. With our assistance and course, your thing can utilize EHRs.


Electronic Health Records grant joint effort between clinical consideration providers and affiliations. With our assistance and bearing, your thing can utilize EHRs.


Each mHealth application that we make follows the HITECH Act. They successfully pass all the security audits that are made to ensure serious approval of the HIPAA-based Privacy and Security rules.

Key Features

Appointments Scheduling

Visual Case Sheets

Patient Registration

Unique Patient ID's

Out-patient Management

In-patient Management

OT Management

Ward Management

Automated Billing

Laboratory Management

Pharmacy Management

Patient Portal

Reminders and Alerts

Revenue Management

Smart Analytics

Staff Management

Speciality EMR's

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Features Incorporated

In the present progressed world, clinical consideration associations are rearranging exhaustive inside cycles, extreme authoritative necessities, and creating patient suspicions for invaluable, direct, and singular participations with clinical specialists. At Synergy, we unite with clinical consideration associations to develop the item plans they need to improve each piece of patient thought.

  • Electronic health records (EHR)
  • Electronic medical records (EMR)
  • Health information exchanges (HIE)
  • Custom web, cloud, and mobile applications
  • Healthcare analytics solutions
  • Real-time monitoring solutions
  • Hospital information dashboards
  • Appointment management system
  • Healthcare regulatory compliance solutions
  • Invoice management systems
  • Claims processing platforms
  • Patient information systems
  • Connected healthcare solutions with IoT
  • Healthcare application platforms

Our providing care arrangement helps medical care suppliers to associate with parental figures, friends, private obligation orderlies, including Certified Nursing Assistants and patients. The arrangement offers guardians to make a profile and offer their administrations and assists, needful individuals, with tracking down their ideal providing care individual.

Using the power of blockchain development, TechnoSapphire has made a Mobile Health Wallet Solution for Patients. The plan uses blockchain development to securely store electronic prosperity records (EHR) and keep a singular interpretation of the real world. The different affiliations like trained professionals, clinical centers, labs, drug subject matter experts, and prosperity underwriters can request agree to get to a patient's record to fill their need and record trades on the scattered record, and patients can share/disavow permission to their data relying upon the circumstance. The plan handles the current issues to store all prosperity records and arrangements. Digitizing prosperity records and connecting with patients to securely store clinical data of their own or their families opens colossal opportunities for industry coordinated efforts.

TechnoSapphire brings blockchain-based, wellbeing following and observing arrangement which helps clients all throughout the planet carry on with longer and better lives utilizing computerized reasoning and other bleeding-edge advancements like the web of things. The arrangement permits you to follow everyday active work, calorie utilization, heart, respiratory rate, and temperature of your own or your precious ones.

Challenges Affecting the Healthcare Sector

The medical care industry has developed, with customers requesting more noteworthy accommodation and straightforwardness. Suppliers additionally look for improved interoperability and better devices to make the most out of medical services information and convey compelling, effective consideration.

Viable medical care administrations request expanded correspondence straightforwardness. Failure in keeping up smoothed out coordination and correspondence channels can upset the working of the whole association.

The absence of essential medical services information is perhaps the greatest test looked at in medical services areas. The expense caused because of low well-being education in patients, guardians, and relatives are assessed to be $612 billion every year. Such obliviousness blocks fast and ideal dynamic and produces gigantic misfortunes.

Charitable wellbeing associations frequently face difficulties in overseeing income and subsidizing. Furnishing credit-only treatment and planning with an organization of different associations and emergency clinics require a smooth and productive administration framework.

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