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ERP For Manufacturing Industry

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Manufacturing ERP Software

ERP/MRP software – Manufacturing software and supply management chain software featuring the multi-level bill of materials, supply chain forecasting, costing, estimating and quoting. Software for manufacturers that supports Small Business, from start to end.

Presence of a single and unified database system is crucial for manufacturers irrespective of size, scope and business objectives. Properly drafted and formulated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) Software can effectively change the outlook of any organization in this regard.
Whether it be multi-level bill of materials, costing or supply chain forecasting, New Horizon by TechnoSapphire, a state-of-the-art resource planning solution for manufacturers, built by industry professionals, helps in streamlining various functions of any organization as a whole. The new ERP software is primarily a cloud-based production planning machine that is tool impartial, OS-agnostic and enables your SME setups to be scalable and work at their optimal business operations.

Custom ERP Solution For Your Business

Discrete Manufacturing

Scale up operations with cutting-edge technologies and capture market share to remain competitive

Ceramics Manufacturing

Make processes smoother, integrated and more profitable by reducing costs and working capital

Textile Manufacturing

Optimise processes at every level with intelligent material requirement planning

Spices/Food Manufacturing

Streamline operations for maximum efficiency and profits with production management system

ERP For Manufacturing Industry

Profitable Pricing & Packaging

Use New Horizon for as long as you need! Get the New Horizon benefits from TechnoSapphire —one of the first-rate ERP companies in India— be it on-premise solutions or the perpetual user license version. Additional licenses are modelled keeping in mind your business requirements.
Also avail New Horizon on a completely unique Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model with the power to host it ‘on-premise’ or ‘on-cloud’ — choice is yours.

Detailed Modules For Every Department


A dynamic platform to file product-sensitive records, client-specific invoices of fabric and intermediate processes concerning the ability of authorized amendments.


Designed to report and manage patron-particular wishes accompanied via order-associated activities and dispatches, it also enables smooth scheduling to ensure on-time deliveries.


Ensures optimal material management and machine capacity planning based on the priority of each customer’s order attributed by the sales team, resulting in maximum ROI.


Integrates with different modules for optimum purchase management and aids in agency’s various requirements such as ensuring the centralization and accessibility of purchase data to all departments.

Stores & Inventory

Manages a couple of warehouses in addition to controlling material problems, receipts, rejections and returns from vendors to customers and vice versa. Integrates with work orders and manages inter-warehouse transactions as well.

Quality Control and Assurance

Ensures quality parameters at every step of production and runs a thorough check on materials before it reaches the warehouses. This increases brand loyalty as faulty materials are rejected already and users get high-quality stuffs.


Eliminates requirement of paperwork and prevents duplication and discrepancy of records via instant automated postings from different modules. Provides an overall control over the entire organization by maintaining timely audit trail of all the financial documents giving enterprises a better idea of their liabilities and assets.


Conversion of raw textile material into finished products and on-time deliveries of the products to warehouses and retailers. Tracking of all transactions and movements and order management for quality checks.


Manages third-party transactions by integrating with other modules like stores and quality control for both type of works — orders and stocks.

Features Incorporated Manufacturing ERP Systems

ERP is accounting and operations oriented and features one database as a master source of enterprise information. ERP for manufacturing is used to identify and plan the resource needs of the entire enterprise. ERP provides one user interface for the entire organization to manage:

Business Analysis

Identify software-system needs of enterprise to plan improvement and tailor a befitting solution

Requirement Study

Isolate requirement specifications across stages through the journey from ‘as-is’ to a ‘to-be’ system

Proof of Concept

Perform on-site demo of the designed solution to test feasibility and ensure requirement satisfaction


Conduct activities to educate and empower employees with relevant skills, and include timely feedback

Product Support

Maintain system endurance through quick resolutions, automated reports, and continuous updates


Invent whole new core processes by aligning new value systems to improve productivity and quality


Assembling and linking of applications within the enterprise to simplify and automate operations

System Audit

Verify system satisfaction, security and data integrity with an intent to improve cost-benefit ratio

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