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Sale & Services CRM Software

Sale & Service is an online application to manage your entire process of sales and service functions from any location. Since it is based on cloud, you don't have to invest in any hardware.It is easily adaptable to any business in the sales & service industry.

Delays and disappoints, facing daily challenges and still ready to face the roller-coaster of sale and services — yes, this is only possible due to the cognitive engines built as CRMs bringing together all that is required. Sales enquiry, quotations, follow-ups and invoice for multiple branches and what not.
Or do you require automated service contracts and reminders for AMC follow-ups for multiple branches? You name it and CRM does it for you. Use TechnoSapphire’s custom CRM solutions to collect, store, control, and intCRMret data from their numerous business activities, including product planning, purchase, manufacturing, sales and/or products and service delivery.

Use Intelligent tools to manage your sales

Lead Management

Use TechnoSapphire’s Lead Management System to organize and distribute leads to the suitable sales agent. In-built workflow algorithms let you assign leads based on choice of the product and are of operation.

Pipeline Management

With unruffled overview on pipeline stages coupled with the data associated with them helps you focus on the smart deals leading to a higher lead closure rate. TechnoSapphire’s sales CRM lets you identify and prioritize leads.

Automated Reporting

Gain invaluable insights in metrics like sales trends and team performance and let your team analyze better to gauge excellent data-driven decisions. Create reports that work best for your workflow.

Mobile CRM

TechnoSapphire’s mobile app empowers the agents with all the required tools and understandings they need to close deals then and there. Get details of lead details, log activities and much more with just few taps on smartphone.

Lead Scoring

Focus on and develop your most qualified leads to maximize sales opportunities. Our tool lets you prioritize your leads with tags like Hot, Warm and Cold for better conversions.

API Integration

Integrate TechnoSapphire with the apps and web services you use to sell smarter and faster. Our available range of integrations makes it easy to sync data between platforms and allows you to streamline development and maintain the integrity of data.

Features Incorporated Sale & Services CRM For Small Business

One-to-one sales is easy, but when your team is trying to sell to a client with multiple decision-makers, then every strategy is a whole new ball game. Let us make your job easier by providing better collaboration, delegation and sharable actions. Get notifications when important notes are stored and make sure you handle clients efficiently to win more and more deals.

  • Easily Accessible
  • Customized Solution
  • Integration
  • Enquiry Management
  • Sales Management
  • Complaint Management
  • Service Contracts
  • Scheduling Follow-up Calls
  • Send Quotations
  • Employee Data Management
  • Route Management
  • Share Info with the Right People
  • Data Import & Export
  • Other...

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