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Most Preferred Taxi Booking Software

On-call for taxi reserving has matured into Billion dollar marketplace. Take a slice of that marketplace together with your very own white label UBER like taxi app and get it customized to all corners.

If there is one thing which has absolutely no relevance in today's fast-paced world that would be - waiting or being in the queue. Why should it be anyways, if we have technology as our saviour. On-call taxi booking apps have grown leaps and bounds in this regard. It has now become a billion dollar marketplace where you can have a fair share of yours too.
At TechnoSapphire, we believe in building a mobile-based taxi booking app that is bolted with all latest on-call reserving functionalities that users, drivers and back office teams would love to have. Enlist your drivers into the system, handle customer records, and rule the market with our myriad of taxi app development solutions.

Most Preferred Taxi Software

Driver Dashboard

Drivers get useful insights and statistics about their trips, performance and feedback.

Rider & Driver Rating

Both drivers and passengers have the option to rate their trips and report bad experiences and behavior.

Manage Rides

Manage drivers, customers, vehicles, dispatches and ride categories using admin dashboard.

Additional Benefits of Our Taxi Software Solutions

Our taxi booking software comes with a number of benefits. Few of the extra benefits are mentioned below:

Mobile Number Verification

Design your app module with varied categories as you like.

Discussion Forums

Allow discussion forums to interact between students.

Referral Rewards

Get referral and coupon codes to market your online presence.

Reports And Analysis

Select templates and set preferred rules to enable customer satisfaction analysis.

Automated Operation

Achieve automation across multiple operations with the help of our solution.

Notifications Integration

Our Taxi Booking software sends customized notification emails, SMS updates and phone notifications.

Merit Based Incentives

Our Taxi Booking app provides accurate data that would help you provide incentives to high-performance drivers.

Number Masking

Keep passengers' and driver’s phone numbers hidden during calls for better security and privacy.

In-App Chat

It allows drivers and passengers to chat with customer support, and among each other while booking a ride.

Operational Zone Configuration

Configure the region of operations to send and receive requests to drivers and riders accordingly.

Driver Accounts

A database that includes driver’s income reports, collection requests, administrative approvals and bank transfers.

Simple, Secure & User-Friendly

Our base solution comes with a number of features for passengers, drivers, directors and dispatchers with the choice of including advanced functions, integrations and customizations primarily based on enterprise’s wishes.

Easy Passenger Onboarding

Our Taxi Dispatch software gives smooth onboarding facilities giving passengers clean, wonderful experience.

  • Ride now & schedule ride
  • Fare estimates & arrival ETA
  • Multiple payment options
Advanced Tracking System

Our custom taxi dispatch gadget with a sophisticated monitoring system allows passengers to tune their assigned automobiles to comply with their routes and use the GPS-enabled tracker.

  • Real-time vehicle & driver tracking
  • Nearby vehicle visibility to get a cab easily
  • Route change options & stoppage addition
Custom Package Plans

Get loyal customers by providing them custom package plans for their comfort. You can add or dispose of customizations as per the requirement.

  • Design package plans that suit your audience
  • Separate fare for each unique plan
  • Set limits that fit for your packages

Business Segments

Our Taxi Booking software can serve almost any business segment. Here are some business segments benefitting from our software solutions:

Global transport startups

We assist competent start-ups in shipping groups to book their rides and manage fleets.

Taxi & fleet businesses

Corporations with small to large fleets manage their business operations with the use of our solution.

Enterprises & governments

Be it an employer or government places of work, we help them control their employee transportation.

Private luxury hire

Our Taxi Booking software helps luxury ride providers to accept, schedule and dispatch rides.

Carpooling and rental

We help carpooling and taxi groups control their bookings and offers on rides.

Outstation tour businesses

Tours and travel businesses facilitating outstation rides use our software to manage bookings.

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