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Audio & Video Conferencing Application

For a better degree of understanding of projects, meetings and goals, Audio & Video conferencing App give real-time solutions. Get a collaborative in-person experience and redefine the way you interact.
We will help you provide a simple platform that enables you to get connected with the concerned, be it via web, mobile or desktop. You can Chat or Message quite easily saving you priceless time. Go virtual and stay connected.

  • 1-1 Audio/Video Calling
  • 1-Many Audio/Video Calling
  • Audio/Video Conferencing
  • Mute/Unmute Audio/Video
  • Audio, Video Recording
  • Screen Share
  • Host Control
  • Raise Hand
  • Instant Text Messaging
  • File, Picture Sharing
  • Phone-to-browser connections
  • Screen Casting
  • All Participant Listing

Video Call Segments

Bring meetings to life with AI

Video meetings are now experiencing a shift towards in-person conferences than ever before. TechnoSapphire’s AI-powered engine Adaptive Composition reduces distractions and gives a greater, natural, secure platform using format optimization generation.

Securely join with any device

Be a part of your meeting literally from anywhere using any device, be it your computer or cell phone. We will provide you the privacy and the comfort — without any additional download or installation of software program.

Integrated with your tools and systems

Regardless of the video systems, productivity tools, platforms, calendar, or devices, TechnoSapphire works the way you do. Our experts effortlessly integrate software solutions with the gear and workflows you already use and break down barriers so that you enjoy amazing meetings.

Show your brand

Greet your assembly guests with a familiar interface via custom branding alternatives and APIs for better integrations. Build your own video conference application or choose to make TechnoSapphire’s application your personal — choice is yours.

High performance video and audio quality

Meet face-to-face with super-wideband audio and 1080p HD video to ensure you see and hear every nuance of your communication, reducing video fatigue and improving comprehension.

A better way to meet

Bring people to the heart of your meetings with Adaptive Composition. Designed with brand new AI and machine gaining knowledge of generation, Pexip’s conference solutions put all contributors on equal footing.

All information in one place

Every important piece of information related to your work order, customer and equipment can be viewed in one system. You can also create access controls based on the designation and responsibilities of team members. Work order software eliminates manual systems and unnecessary paperwork increasing your team’s productivity.

Bring meetings to life

Say goodbye to black monitors and hard-to-see faces. Adaptive Composition arranges your display screen to accommodate large groups along with quality audio system, creating a natural, immersive conference experience.

Focus on your conversation

With actual-time photo framing that robotically plants, pans and tilts, you can acquire better eye touch and recognition features for an efficient, enticing conference.

Available for all

Adaptive Composition works on any device or platform, whether or not you are a part of TechnoSapphire assembly through any app, a browser or a video system, you’ll get the identical top-class assembly revels.

Bring everyone together

Integrated with your tools and systems

We all have our favorite collaboration tools and platforms. TechnoSapphire breaks down the barriers between solutions so you can bring everyone together in the same meeting.

Features Of Video Conferencing System

Bring people and teams together with a single, high-powered video meeting platform to amplify your company’s communications. Because work is better together.

Get acquainted with assembly room’s interface brand — whether or not you need to custom-emblem a welcome screen or use our APIs for enhanced workflow customization, you can effortlessly make it your own.

Too much sound latency can cause awkward pauses in conversation, ensuing in more disturbing, unnatural conferences.
But, what if it became possible to almost take away sound latency?
We driven the bounds of era to look if a string quartet should play stay over video conferencing.

  • Access live and historical call quality and performance analytics data to maintain a great user experience
  • Track usage data to maximize your meeting solution investment Centrally manage, add, or delete users
  • Scale on demand to accommodate increased usage and new geographical locations

  • Monthly or yearly subscriptions, pay per host
  • Easy to set up and get started
  • Feature-rich video collaboration on any device with no technical implementation
  • Host up to 100 active participants in your meeting
  • Stream to thousands of viewers

  • Ownership and control of sensitive meeting data
  • TechnoSapphire-managed cloud deployment for easy-to-scale capacity
  • Control over data location
  • Quickly deploy additional capacity or locations

  • Deploy Pexip as a dedicated solution in your choice of cloud (GCP, Azure or AWS), on-premise servers or a combination
  • Fully customizable platform with deep APIs

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