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Work order software system

Work order software is a robust system that helps field organizations provide consistent and delightful service experiences. Work order management software helps your service team create and organize maintenance requests and manage equipment and customer information.

There is nothing like real-time tracking of all kinds of work orders, especially for big organizations.
TechnoSapphire can help you get a centralized work order management system for a seamless conduct of all kinds of processes and workflows.
Organize your data in a way that the management team can run reports and make invaluable decisions. After all there is no point sorting out redundant tasks, leave that to us and our software will help you in efficiently managing your work orders, from assigning tasks to tracking and recording it. Be ahead always in time from beginning to end.

Custom work order Management Solution For Your Business

Ticketed Maintenance

Top service providers and customer support operations use scheduling work order ticket system to organize customer issues. From initiating a task to clarification and completion, ticket management system allows you to improve your customers’ overall experience.

Asset Resources

One of the major components of most work order systems is asset management which enables effective and efficient planning of assets across teams and departments.


Reporting is equally important a feature of work order management systems as others. Different vendors offer their own unique types of proprietary reporting.

All information in one place

Every important piece of information related to your work order, customer and equipment can be viewed in one system. Now with work order software you can create access controls based on the designation and responsibilities of your team members and eliminate unnecessary paperwork to increase your team’s productivity.

Reduce equipment downtime

With work order software, your service team and field technicians will be able to coordinate and execute work orders with high efficiency. Beforehand work order and equipment information to the technician makes it easier to assess and complete the maintenance work much faster. This helps organizations drastically reduce equipment downtime.

Track asset maintenance in real-time

Technicians and dispatchers can also collaborate and share information seamlessly to provide real-time updates. The software gives dispatchers the ability to oversee progress of tasks and helps service managers carry out effective maintenance management processes.

Bring down service costs

Work order software helps organizations streamline their support processes and workflows, improve mobility and logistics, and reduce repeat site visit. By getting rid of repetitive tasks and minimizing errors, service providers can reduce their overhead revenue and manage operations efficiently.

Work Order Request Form

Use TechnoSapphire to allow your group to acquire requests directly from others via work order software. The software allows customers to raise requests through their computers mobile phones or any internet-enabled device.

Work Order Management System

Control your work orders from TechnoSapphire’s user-friendly dashboard. From scheduling to assigning work, labelling regions to adding remarks and notes to attaching files, the order management dashboard allows you to efficiently control all of your teams’ responsibilities. In addition, you could get all these features to access from your cell phone app.

Work Order List

List out all your requirements at one place and let our software manage your responsibilities. TechnoSapphire’s work order software gives your crew a quick access of all the records in one convenient, properly displayed listing. From column layout choices, smooth filtering to proper clicking shortcuts help you achieve maximum work efficiency.

Instant Notifications

With TechnoSapphire’s app, help your group(s) to get notified of any new requests or any work that needs attention. Using the order management software program, one can send emails or textual content messages to any cellular device allowing you to get in direct touch with the concerned at times of urgency.

Internal Email Client

Each work order management requires its own communication channel, be it an email communication with submitters, contractors, co-workers or through verbal exchange of words. With TechnoSapphire’s software solution, you can compose, send, reply and forward emails in addition to creating contact lists and much more. Also, you can have the access to all email records so that you work on requests in an efficient manner.

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